How many people can make money through direct selling, and what happens to those who don’t make money?

There are two types of people who do direct selling around us, one type of people who do exist because of direct selling in China and have made money, and the other type of people who are doing direct selling companies because we are not rich originally, and now have become the people who realize the problem of direct selling refugees. Specifically to see, these two categories of people, I think more representative and meaningful.

You will find a realistic phenomenon, the vast majority of people who have made money in direct sales, 無限極直銷they are not doing direct sales before they are also very good, very talented, such as a friend of mine, he is a company, entrepreneurial experience is very rich, the traditional project, it is difficult to inherit, so he chose to do a cosmetic direct sales, he is from the bottom of the direct sales to do, just two years of time, became a The so-called direct sales company’s excellent governance, but the fact is really this? In his words, to do direct sales need high skin business, he direct sales customers are his former corporate customers, because these customers are high-income people, so people do not care, but his influence, his original social, he found less and less, maybe he does not do direct sales, do other projects will still make money.

There is also a class of people who have become direct sales refugees 無限極直銷because they are doing direct sales, and these people account for the vast majority of the year, every ego wants to have the desire to get rich, but every ego does not think about their own resources, talent, whether the products and projects they promote are beneficial to others? Many direct sales companies present irregularities, such as pyramid schemes, false product promotion, blind and aggressive headhunting, collection of threshold fees, the bottom line itself and the circle it is in, it is very poor, in the absence of people and money environment, sometimes more of itself to fill in, the more you do, the more passive!

No matter what the pin is doing two things,無限極直銷 one to get the benefits, two, lasting profit growth! If you continue to continue to overdraft, can not last, benign growth, in the process of business, the night people increasingly question you, which is against the bottom of the poor direct sales staff is a deadly attack at night. The Internet has opened another window for us, socialized business, social first and then business, even the three farmers, are able to rely on the Internet to recommend their family’s three agricultural products, any damage to people, questioned by the model is the need for us to reflect! We can not inherit the capriciousness in this way, not to mention the blind worship of any trafficking model and anyone, when a certain trafficking model brewed into a spiritual addiction and desire to rely on, the process danger comes!